Mohd Izwan Bin Jaamat

Name given was Mohd Izwan Bin Jaamat. He is an alumni of a faculty of nursing and health sciences who graduated in 2009. He began his studies at KUIM in 2006. Many people think that male nurses are inappropriate, but for him, it's not an obstacle to him breaking through in this field of nursing.

In terms of work experience, after graduating and passing the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination, he began working as a nurse in one of the private hospitals for six years. He subsequently applied for a visit in the Public Service Commission and eventually succeeded in the interview. He then served in the Malaysian Ministry of Health for seven years until now. Asked about his choice in a course of study after graduation of the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM), the Nursing Diploma Course became an option, because according to him, nursing is an interesting and competitive course and meets the high demand of employers. Besides, KUIM is a choice because of its strategic location, close to the beach and away from the bustle of the city. In terms of the facility of the infrastructure provided, it is complete and sufficient to accommodate a comfortable learning process. Through the course of their studies, teachers and clinical nurses are always ready to assist and guide students physically and mentally as a preliminary preparation where exposure is given both theoretically and practically to the realities in the work environment.

The concept of education and an approach that balances the needs of the world and the future that is capable of producing students who have the ideal approach. What distinguishes trainer nurses at KUIM, apart from nursing sciences, students as well The close relationship between teachers and students is based on rigour, trust, courtesy and respect that forms the basis of the learning process. This Nursing Diploma course at KUIM meets high job demands and is competitive according to the current workforce. KUIM is one of the institutions of higher education that applies learning and education in a holistic way that helps the formation of the ideal student personality. KUIM also thrives along with current world developments in preparing people who are always ready to face the realities of life. For me, turkey is the right choice without a doubt and also the best choice.

An award that has ever been received: Pingat Jasa Kebaktian Negeri Melaka (PJKNM).


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