Diploma in Nursing

The programme is a well-balanced programme designed to impart knowledge in nursing skills along with nursing practices. Diploma in Nursing  is a 3-year full-time programme. Individuals looking to work in the field of healthcare may opt for the specialization for more information. The programme prepares a student to become a registered nurse (RN), qualified to practice in different places either the public or private healthcare sectors. The programme enables the students for advanced positions in a variety of healthcare fields which will be not limited to the traditional K–12 classroom environment. Through the flexible format of the course the student can learn their schedule easily on their own. The current technology development and multimedia tools have the potential to enhance curriculum engagement that allow students to participate in the creation outside the classroom will encourage creativity and increase excitement. The programme provides the students to learn and understand a whole range of nursing skills in addition to acquiring nursing practice. UNIMEL has Simulation Laboratory and Demonstration Laboratory which stimulates clinical environment ward setting. Moreover, there is a Community Health Laboratory which enhances the environment. With these facilities, the students acquire nursing skills before their clinical postings. Students gain their clinical experiences through hospitals and community healthcare postings while developing a better understanding of contemporary issues and challenges, and future directions in the field of healthcare. The programme is an advanced degree, which provides greater career options and the opportunity for a higher salary and to serve the community as well. Students are supervised and guided by lecturers, nurse educators and clinical instructors from UNIMEL and health practitioners from the both public and private sectors during the postings.



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