Fazira Sophia binti Md Ontong

In 2011 she began her studies at KUIM in nursing for three years. In 2014, she finally successfully completed her studies in the field at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences and then passed the Malaysia Nurse Institute (LJM) exam on 8 October 2014. She's an alumni named Fazira Sophia binti Md Ontong.


According to her, when studying at KUIM, there are so many knowledge and experience was gained. Among the most enjoyable experiences is a practical experience in a hospital outside of Malacca such as Temerloh Hospital (HOSHAS) in search of knowledge in nursing. Along with her fellow friends, she will be sent in turn to practice outside of Malacca, apart from hospitals in the state of Malaca.


It has had a positive impact on her when applying that knowledge and experience in the workplace after graduation. She is so grateful that to this day, the lessons and the knowledge of nursing can be applied not only at work but everywhere, including to families at home. She is thankful to a sense of gratitude and fortune for having been given the opportunity to study at KUIM under the guidance of professors and professional clinical nurses who helped and wished her success.

Now, she has served under the Malaysian Ministry of Defence as an ATM trained nurse since 2015. Her first unit in the ATM was in the First Medical Battalion (1 Bn Medicine) at Muara Tuang Camp, Kuching Sarawak (2016-2018). After two years of serving in Sarawak, she has been transferred under the naugan 10 Briged (Para) team where he was placed in the Briged 10 Headquarters Camp in 2018 until now.

In 2020, she took a more challenging step by taking an parachute basic course. According to her, a qualification to pass the basic course of the parachute are to make eight basic jumps. Finally, she successfully completed her course at the Special War Training Centre at the Udang River Command Camp in August 2020 and has been given the basic wing of warfare.

Being a member of the army and also a nurse in the Malaysian Army is a brave task for a woman. So, this alumni has been spread out it in the media because she's one of the women jumpers in the medical team who managed to make the landing and land safely.


In a more challenging step, she is determined to attend the basic course of the Rapid Command (APAC), in order to qualify for the elite team also known as the Pegasus. Pegasus is symbolic of an animal, a horse with wings. She passed and finished the course successfully and was put on a maroon beret in December 2020. May this success inject the spirit for all of us to strive earnestly to ideals that we thought impossible to accomplish. She also said that her success today was for her mother and father who had devoted much of their service in raising and educating her. To achieve a success, she learns that a spirit should not give up whether to face challenges and expectations. This makes her stronger in the face of every twists of life.


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