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The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) was established on April 1, 2011. Formerly known as the 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. FSS offers programs at the Diploma level to the PhD level.

Since its inception, FSS has been in very high demand in the fields of Psychology, Counseling,

Mass Communication and the fields of History.




Provide programs with high marketability in the field of social sciences according to the needs of

current industry to meet national development aspirations



To create a conducive and dynamic work and learning environment in an effort to increase knowledge to foster the growth of minds and intellectual openness in order to develop the potential of FSS citizens


Strive for continuous and competitive improvement in aspects related to teaching, research and professional services in line with the standards set by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia


Serve as a reference center in the field of social sciences through a smart network between the faculty with the community and industry in generating community well -being


To produce human capital with noble morals, have a sense of identity and will (simplicity),  competitive, creative and innovative in applying all the knowledge gained based on human psychology.


Cluster Psychology

Master of Psychology

Master of Counseling

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Bachelor of Counseling (Hons)

Diploma in Counseling



Communication Cluster

Master of Media Studies (Coursework)

Master of Communication

Diploma in Mass Communication



 History & Society Cluster

   Doctor of Philosophy in History (PhD)





Gerbang Pengajian Psikologi
& Pengurusan Insan

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